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"Mind over matter" (or Mine is larger than Yours)

<grin> sooner or later you just HAD to click on this link right? …. maybe it’s because you’ve run out of other interesting things to click on….or perhaps you really are curious about reading the self-effacing prose of this site’s authors….well either way, you’re here and that’s all that matters… I could also say that you asked for it….

‘It’s mainly for fun and interest’, I would tell my partner. Yes, me; I’m LiN, twenty-something good-for-nothing IT engineer, struggling to make a living and at the same time have some fun in this dreary world. ‘look’, I’d say, ‘at least the site would allow us to speak our minds on things other than the obvious, and also let us explore the limits of the current genre, right?’. My partner gives me the LOOK that says volumes. Who? Him? Oh right, Jason; also a twenty-something (but of a much smaller denomination) know it all, smart aleck tech whiz-kid (haha!) with no cares in the world and no family to feed. ‘ok ok…at the very least it will allow us to make total fools of ourselves….but we’re having FUN right?’ Jason nods….slowly.

Thus, the Echo Loft was born. Conceived simply from a need to rearrange and understand one of the world’s most enchanting forces surrounding us, into something which we can understand better : that is sound for you; or more accurately : organised sound aka Music. Of course this ends up including all the equipment that has to be used to produce this, that is where most of the fun is anyway….our first move was the creation of the Echo Loft Lounge( previously hosted by Singapore-One forums, EZBoard.com, and now *drum roll*, hosted on our very own server) to gather the masses to our banner. A good place to hang out and chit-chat, except that they don’t serve cold beer or coffee, the forum serves as a place where audio enthusiasts can swap info and look for help. Sometimes we get the occasional spirited exchanges but on the whole, things are nice and mellow. Best thing of all? It is 100% local and us!

Our BIG aim is to provide INFORMATION, in a different flavour…. no product reviews, no right setups or wrong layouts… instead, what we know works, we will share; what we can find out, we will let you know. We will let YOU be the judge of what is good and what is not….um, we cannot promise you the world of Hifi in these pages; we won’t even promise you regular updates ….heck! we don’t promise anything!… except maybe a little something different from what else is already out there. ….that is easy because we do things differently anyway…. so please don’t be surprised if we change the site from blue to pink ;-) …..Now in return… (yes! There IS a catch!) we hope to gain INFORMATION from you. Email, voice, fax(?) whatever. You share, we share, everyone gains… I guess that is what the Internet revolution is all about.

Last words? I suppose we will stick this out as long as we can. We are being financed (by yours truly) and that makes this a SERIOUS HOBBY site….. who knows, maybe we will do well enough to get sponsored….might even make some bucks out of this ($$$)….whatever…. but we will let you know when we decide to change our allegiances so you won’t get mortally offended by our unscrupulous morals and sulk. Now, we can’t have that happening ,can we? ;-)



the Echo Loft

25th February 2000