Cecil Meets the MoB
A TELLian's visit to the Tube Dude at Audio Note

by LiN

This is the first thing people see when they walk in... and yes, this is the last time you will see it cos Cecil is tearing it all down so he can install a Pool Table... *way to go Cecil! Don't forget the vending machine!

And this is what I came here to look at, by the way... it was business after all.... now how the rest of my entourage became so big is another matter all together. I guess they just cannot resist the idea of a PoWwOw anywhere ;p

The Audio Note CDT-Zero... my hope, my dream and my possibly my paycheck for the next 2 months personified.

of course, it was not enough that it just looked GOOD, but here we see Cecil expounding on the merits of the unit. 'Designed in typical Audio Note style'... which means to say that it's good enough to stop eating for.. :-)

so what did I do? I lugged my own, small & black, custom CDT down and pitched it against 'the only dedicated CDT that Audio Note has ever made'...... hmmm... I wonder what I'm getting into here.....well I certainly got trashed in the Looks department...

hhere we have my 'portable' critics putting the spinners through their paces..... as always.... Jason is never in the picture... but he was there, never fear.

another highlight of the PoWwOw was those little bullet-like Totem Beaks. Voodoo it may be, but all of us were pleasently intrigued by the subtle differences in the soundstage, simply by repositioning the Beaks on top of the spik.

by the way, the spiks were Totem Forrests... but they are dwarfed by the Avantgarde's next to them.

IGreat fun, great sound. I didn't buy the CDT-Zero that day... but it was nice to hear a full Audio Note setup and gratifying to learn so much from a simple visit to Audio Note Singapore. Thanks again Cecil, for putting up with the MoB!