Hsu Subwoofer Event

Saturday morning... dragged myself outta bed. Today was the Event. The subwoofer event. I have always been crazy about bass. Bass was what led me to the (expensive) hobby of hifi. But it isn't all about the quantity, but quality.

Subwoofers! Many purist audiophiles shudder at the thought of adding a sub to a 2 speaker system ... here we were, trying to rediscover deep bass in the forms of the Hsu subs. We've heard a lot about the Hsu subs (and also the extent of damage poor subwoofer integration can do to a hifi system). Finally, we get to hear them.

The Beast on display

First stop, Home Theatre with Hales Speakers,
Acurus electronics ...

... and a VTF-2 hidden under a table

Hales Transcendence 1

The Source

The Amp

The Matrix

The "Music" Setup
The cylindrical TN1220HO is standing beside the table

Another angle...

Up close and personal with the VTF-2

I think Dr Hsu did quite a good job with designing the subs, and the setup/demo by Reference Audio at the Sub Event was quite positive (Though the sub volume was turned up a bit too much for my taste at the demo). So those looking for a sub to add to their music/HT systems should make a trip down to Reference Audio, Adelphi for an audition.