'IT'S WAR!!'

The Echo Loft deploys its troops to occupy the NTU dorms.

Our Objective -
to see if daredevil_KK had chosen the right kit for his miniscule dorm. From numerous pre-action intelligence reports, we gathered...no... we suspected that the main culprit for his misery was THIS! : the baby Mission spiks.

we came, we saw, we heard and we burped (oops!) it all!
all was not a bed of roses when we arrived.. in fact... there was very little that was NOT on the bed...

but we were men of iron, and we came prepared. Spec Ops had issued two GREY/BLACK pieces of kit for this foray - a Naim CDX which Codenamed Operative 'Nautilus' was to use to soften up the resistance of the condemned, and a TTSP (Totally Top Secret Prototype) Arcam Alpha 7 UJ-SiG.

. Insertion Succssful
. Penetration Achieved
. Logging Enabled

the 3.5 was installed succesfully and we began to upload our software to the target system.

iit was getting tricky to continue... so we deployed the TTSP Arcam in an attempt to remedy the situation. Codenamed Operative 'Fi5h8all' had already taken his own steps : twin runs of Nordost Blue Heaven s/cs to clean out the signals.... but was it enough?

wewe are men of iron... cos we have balls of iron..

iin the end... we perservered and we conquered the sentinels placed in the system. The highs were cleaner, the bass was faster and as always.... the beer was smoother. Kilkennys, the beer for the Men of Mettle.

but was the 'Mission' a success? ... we will check it out again when we go back.