Diary of a Day of PoWwOwing

0900 : *BZZZZZzzzzzz
I wake up and find myself on the floor..... guess wifey must have kicked me off again for snoring... let me check.... yup.

0930 : *Yawwnnn
* kiss 'Bye dearie... have a nice day at work....'
wonder why I told the guys to come over at 1000 ... could have gotten some more sleep...

1015 : *BingBong *ARRfffrrafaferrffrrffff!!
King Kong shows up on my door... a worried look on his furry face at the sight of my 'ferocious' Shetland 'Ruff'.

1030 : *ARRgrrrrffffrRerfrhgff!! *BingBong
this time 'Ruff' spots the stranger before he even makes it to my door... must have been the bo-chap ah-pek dressing and slippers of Sniper that pissed him off.

Musical Intelude with :
dpa Bigger Bit DAC

1130 : *BingBongARrrrrffghrr!BingBongARrghsfffrhg!BingBongRRGHFFFFF!
as you can see.. Garfield and UJ really like to irritate 'Ruff'... I guess its a feline thing for Garf, but UJ's got a grudge ever since 'Ruff' pissed him off... literally.

Main Performance :
Alchemist TSD-1 vs Musical Fidelity X-24K

1230 : "Hello?"
CJC and Awhw turn up within minutes of each other... nice guys cos they leave the animals alone..... surprisingly, 'Ruff' is rather taken with CJC.... hmmmm

Encore :
Alchemist TSD-1 vs Musical Fidelity X-24K

Preview Performance by :
Audio Note DAC 1

1330 : *rumble RUMBLE...
boy can these guys eat... KingKong had to be thrown out of the house earlier because he couldn't stop eyeing my cat and licking his lips... the rest of them seemed more content with the usual fare. CJC was practicing his 'Fasting for Fidelity' discipline so all he had was water and stone chips (kitty sand).

1500 : "Man Overboard!!"
too much too soon, awhw surrenders to the vapours and makes a hasty exit. however, his loss just strengthens the rest of us.

Special Guest Appearence :
CJC's DAC 1.0

1630 : Auld Lang Syne
everyone starts getting jittery cos I told them the Ogress (my wife) would be back soon and they wouldn't want to be around when she discovers the mess they've made of her cave.. um... home.

Final Overture :
Audio Note DAC 1
dPA Bigger Bit DAC

1800 : *silence
*kiss 'Hello dear, how was your day? me? Oh it was boring... no one turned up...'