Echo Loft / 1388 Pow Wow
( Joe Lee tweaks Acoustik's )

By Jason

No Pow Wow is without food nowadays... Acoustik really "set the standard" for future pow wows. Seen here is Garfield and Awhw's wife.

This is the setup after some preliminary tweaking by the 1388 gang... all 5 of them... oops! I meant 3 of them (Joe and Jon always proclaims that they are "big"). Notice the crystal on top of the "Acoustik" foam in the centre . There is also a SonicArt Legend SE (awhw's) sitting on top of the rack. Acoustik's own Marantz CD63 KIS and Exposure XV are too black to be seen, but they are there...

L-R (back) : Dr Jon Wong, err... I dunno the guy next to him... but part of the 1388 gang
L-R (front) : Key, Acoustik and Joe Lee

This is part of the original tweaks of the owner, Acoustik. Some barbell weights on top of his Epos 14. He said it improved focus...

The display of CDs... reminiscent of pasar malam pirated CD stalls... hehe..
Recommended CDs are Sun Yanzi's CD, Best of Laura Fygi, Faye Wong's Tian Kong, TakeDake, Bose Test CD, This is Keiko Lee, Shawn Colvin's A Few Small Repairs... the list goes on... almost all the CDs shown here are good... : )

L-R : Sniper, Awhw, Soon, Key
The Mob looking on with scepticism as Joe Lee proceeds with more tweaks.

IListening session by Acoustik after Joe Lee and Dr Jon Wong's tweaks.

Epos 14 with original stands. Partnered with Exposure XIV

Some of Joe's tweaks... a dumbell and 5 X 1-cent coins. (This picture shows Epos 14's stand)

5-cent coin on top of the 3-pin plug. And the mysterious "Ang Pow" that plugs into the AC socket (Maybe offering money to the power supply will help clean up the sound... *grin*).

Exotic wood placed behind the Epos 14, delicately balanced on top of the binding posts... perhaps balancing the sound as well... : )