Unravelling top-secret A-88

Date: 201100
Time: 1708hrs
Location: Audio 88, The Adelphi
Shop is dimly lit, a blue towel is draped over something. Music is playing, yet no power amp can be seen in the vicinity. A quick check with our night-vision spy cam (muhaha) reveals a heat source under the towel. Interesting... what is this?

Need to check it out... a momentary diversion of Brandon's attention, followed by a quick tug at the towel reveals the "secret weapon" underneath. With some dexterity (and practice), the towel comes off without bringing the audiospace preamp crashing down to the floor. The lights come on, the alarm is sounded (in the form of Di Yi Gu - Chinese Drum Poem)...

Tried jabbing the big button on the Marsh power amplifier, stopping the drums. But it was too late, we were discovered..

With the lights on, it was apparent that the Marsh Sound Design wasn't the only secret weapon in the shop... A ProAc Response 2.5 (Or is it? cos Audio 88 isn't the dealer for ProAcs what...) is responsible for the music heard.

The last picture the photographer took before he loses consciousness after being bashed on the head with a Foundation stand. (A close-up of the Marsh.) I grabbed the camera and ran out...

... The author later found out from an undisclosed source that the "secret weapons" will be unveiled at the hifi show from 24-26 Nov at Le Meridien.