Echo Loft / 1388 Pow Wow II
(Hickory Dickory Dock, Jon Wong mods the clock)

By Jason

Dr Hifi from, Dr Jon Wong with 2 of his cameras from his other hobby - photography. The antique looking Seagull camera on the right is really interesting... and he got it for a cheap price some more!

The parts for the clock mod. Caps, resistor, regulator, clock crystal and cap... simple components, but it takes more than just lumping them together! haha..

The 2 IC chips used.

The Doc busy at work... easily finishing the clock in less than 30mins, while drawing inspirations from some "visual material"... (juz kiddin')

While Jon was slogging away, this is what TKsCorner was doing... tsk tsk tsk...

Some testing with a multimeter before installing the clock.

IThe finished clock "roti" (breadboard), seen here beside news-print for scale. (The picture just happened to be there! Honest!)

The circle marks where the original clock in the Marantz CD63-KI Signature was.( Also captured in the picture is the nice Elna Cerafine (red) caps and AD827 op-amp that I installed for awhw some time ago. Pics of my shoddy soldering has "mysteriously been lost" in the transfer from the digicam to my PC)

The Magnet CD-10 cdplayer... equipped with full digital and analogue mods from Dr Hifi. It is sitting on dh squares and jumbo dh cones.'s revolutionary product combining DSP (digital signal processing), psychoacoustics and nostalgic tube technology. Watch for their product launch...

Project Classic Turntable with Grado platinum (?) cartridge.

Awhw's exotic rosewood dynaudios. The cabinet is very well made, with non-parallel side walls that are dovetail-jointed.

Another look at awhw's beloved speaker.

Jinyang's McIntosh power amp, complete with marble side panels.

After months of slumber, awhw's speaker awakens to the power of the McIntosh. Mind you, the 4w Legend SE that awhw uses does play jazz, vocals and light music well, but the McIntosh really brought it to life...