HT Pow Wow at Sniper's
aka "The Longest Day" (of movies)

The view of the HT/ Hifi Setup. Notice the 2 Mission 732 bookshelf speakers in the corner with bricks, totem beaks, and teknasonic vibration absorbers on top (We can tell that the owner is a strong advocate of more is better... : ) The star of the show sits in front of them, the $199 Goky subwoofer... you'll be surprised if at its performance. Sniper did mention that some internal re-wiring was required for it to sound its best.

The other side of the setup.

The Gang. Huddled together, discussing which "special" DVD to watch... haha..

The other Gang. Huddled together around a flower vase.

It is very apparent that the owner likes soft toys. And this is hardly everything yet...

A closeup of the Marantz CD-17 and its companions. CD-17 as transport, Monarchy Jitterbug, X-PSU+X-24K is the preferred path.

IThinking of going HT? Have a look at the mess of cables behind his setup first... ;P