"Pow Wow King" Jonathan's umpteenth Pow Wow

Jonathan's value-for-money Ruark Sceptres. Good for both music and home theatre (can be driven hard)

The Audio Research LS-8 and Robertson Audio 6010

Norh ACA preamp and 1 of the Audioform Amp5 Monoblocks.

A closer look at the Audio Research LS-8 ... don't all ARC gear look the same? hehehe...

Meridian 506.20 built in the classic Meridian style, simple yet elegant.

His DIY power conditioner.

ISome of the test discs...

Norh CD-1

Fishball now (Inset: before BMT, taken at New Disc Village)
SAF has proven itself to be the most effective slimming programme once again... ; )

A closeup of the Norh ACA preamp. The top houses the pre-amp circuitry while the bottom houses the power supply.

L-R: (front) Azubach, Kishor, Sniper, Jonathan
(back) Kong, Azubach's son