... & Where is the best time?

for what? Sex? …….. like Hifi, ANYTIME…. But I prefer it in the evenings. I like it when the air is cooler, the hours seem longer and the fact that I can use my expensive uplighters. … HIFI HIFI! I am talking about HIFI!…. Perverts! In the previous article, I raved about mood-lighting, so now I will rant about Listening Time.

Actually there really isn’t much to talk about. It just so happens that most of the things that are conducive to a good listening environment are present when the sun takes a break ; ambient noise is reduced because NORMAL people start winding down, environment becomes more comfortable without the presence of our harsh sun, the air becomes colder/denser so sound waves travel better (someone once told me this …...I don’t totally believe it, but neither can I refute it cos I don’t know enough yet…anyway it doesn’t do any harm to mention it), and the subtle but necessary use of mood-lighting can enhance your listening pleasure many fold.

If you were to compare these factors with the design and operation of high-end listening rooms, you will come to the obvious conclusion that …hey!…they are the same!….so where does that leave us? Actually for most of us, it all fits very well. All that 9-5 (or later) madness conveniently boils down to an hour or two of relaxation with some good music at just the right time. It is highly possible that you can recreate this environment at home, in the day, but I guess that it just boils down to the efforts of the listener….. the air con bill is definitely going up!

Another factor to consider is the volume level. A lower ambient noise factor will negate the need to play your music too loud…. to some listeners (Classical, Jazz, Instrumental), this might just make all the difference in the world. But to others, it might be the death of their preference (Rock, Pop). However, either way a lower volume level at night is a must else you may just be the talk of your neighborhood…. not a popularity vote either! Not to mention the easier time your amp will have driving a lighter ‘load’…

Air conditioning? Well , it is part and parcel of our daily lives in this generation so the choice is always there. But be warned, a older, noisier blower unit might just negate all your environmental tweaking efforts in a stroke even if it does make the air denser(?) and the room more comfortable! My preference leans towards split units with their silent blowers and where the condenser section is located away from main human habitation…. window units just don’t cut it.

Your state of mind makes up the final ingredient; being too keyed up over your impending hot-date or too tired to concentrate can create very interesting scenarios…. I once fell asleep while testing the benefits of various I/Cs on my system, roll/fell off (still undecided) my lounger, and spent the night on the floor of my listening room…. damn lights made me too comfortable! Yes, dear. Of course, dear, No, I won’t do it again, dear.…..

In the end, the question of Time (or When) is really just academic… ANYTIME is probably accurate as long as the music fits the mood and the mood drives the music. I like a occasional crazy jig on a lazy Sunday afternoon with some Retro pop, and I don’t need no soft lighting to help me ‘Move that Body’!