"Mini" Speakers give BIG sound

(tELL forumer Powerman's PoW-er wOw
re-defines  S C A L E  for standmounts)

After a few blunders while looking for the place, Jonathan, Wendy and I finally arrived at the Pow-er Wow. On arrival, we could vaguely make out the "whistle of a choo-choo train" through the front door. We were late... the Pow-er Wow had already started... And it was without doubt that Burmester's Test CD was being played.

Powerman's setup (and house) is an audiophile's ideal. The setup is placed in the large living room with parquet flooring (and a wife who allows him to place his hifi equipment anyway he likes ; ). A carpet damps reflections from the floor. The cottage-style walls serve to diffuse soundwaves while remaining aesthetically pleasing. The speakers are placed about one-third into the room and are free from any surrounding obstacles. The result is a big soundstage with a large sense of scale that one would seldom expect from standmounts.

JMLab Mini Utopia, not very mini in size, and certainly not mini in sound...

YBA 1 Pre-amp

YBA 1 Power Amp

A closer look at one of his Hales subwoofers.

His Taralabs RSC Prime 1000 speaker cables are run "shotgun". (He uses 1 "normal" pair for black and another pair for red)

The cheapest component in his hifi setup. This Denon CD player with multiple tweaks on top of its chassis. I seriously wonder how powerman's setup would sound when he upgrades to a better CD player... hope he organises another Pow-er Wow then... ; )