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Announcing the arrival of JPS LABS cables . . .

JPS Labs Product Range
for basic o mid-range systems
$198 to $400
Superconductors Plus
for mid-range to top-range systems
$400+ to $700
Superconductors 2
for the discerning audiophile with less budget constraints
Digital Power Cords
especially for Digital Components
AC Analog Cords
AC power cords for Analog Components
$100+ to $1000+

 . . . Here are some reviews . . .
"The compatibility with various components is outstanding as the interconnect`s sonic signature was maintained thro`out all listening tests. This is a smooth sounding cable which maintains its graceful flow of info..There isn`t one note out of tonal alignment or equilibrium."
(The Inner Ear Report - Canada Vol 11 , 1999)

"Oh, do i Iike these interconnects!... You want quiet? You want high frequency extension? You want a recreation of the original event? You want a total lack of smearing and haze? These interconnects let all the information through, so much so that it can be scary at times."

(Bound for Sound - 2/96)
"The only other occasion i heard neutrality - as if no cable existed between components was with the Van Den Hul, but that cable did not focus or have the dynamics of the JPS Superconductor."
(Audio Video Singapore Magazine)

J P S  L a b s  w e b s i t e


also available at . . .
The Soul of Music at Adelphi



(1) CD Blacklight - from Audioprism (U.S.)

A CD phosphorescent mat which lowers the electrostastic interferences and jitter from the CD. A fully charged mat (charged by placing under light source for 30 secs) will cancel out stray laser light resulting in improved image, sound clarity and staging. Reusable and "washable".

Reviewers comments :

Sam Tellig(Stereophile): "Of all the CD accessories and tweaks I've tried, this one makes the most difference."

Jack English(F1-Delity): "Once heard, they will be hard to do without."


(2) CD Upgrade - from Compact Dynamics (U.S.)

CD upgrades applies a special small blue ring to the shiny optical side of the CD and a special transparent disc to the label side. Like the blacklight, it eliminates compact disc jitter and absorbs spilled laser light resulting in improved image and sound clearity. Each ring and mat is to be used as a permanent feature for the selected CD. For those who would want to try them out, we could afix them onto your selected CDs at a cost of $3.20 for each treatment. Alternatively, customers can purchase a box of these upgrades and do the treatment themselves.

(3) CD Optrix - from Compact Dynamics (U.S.)

A CD spray which contains a treated cleanser that especially removes manufacturing CD residues. This result in increased CD surface optical clarity. Optrix will also double up as an invisible optically active film to the CD Surface, to prevent contamination of the digital signal by spilled laser light.




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