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Diva designer T S Lim   is passionate about music. When he listens to hifi, he tunes in to the performance of the artiste rather than the performance of the audio equipment.

"If you don't know about music, you can forget about sound," says Lim. "Music must touch your heart and stir your soul,"

He is a trained tenor and he plays the harmonica well enough to be ranked one of Asia Pacific's best. A great admirer of Mahler's music, Lim is active in the Singapore Mahler Society.

"Anyone with electronics knowledge can design hi-fi equipment," Lim notes. "But not many are as deeply involved in music as I am. Not many know how to make the sound more musical, more human."

Lim knows. He's been at it for 20 years, evaluating different amplifier designs and testing out hundreds of tubes, capacitors, resistors, wires... to discover which combination of these components produce the most musical sound.

Richard Seah  is a man of many talents who wanted to become a musician, having played the trombone in school brass bands, orchestras, jazz bands and even in nightclubs.

Instead, he studied economics and became a successful business journalist, then went on to publish his own newsletter on natural health, and later co-founded an organic foods store.

He surprised many friends when he ventured into the hifi business in 1997 with The Soul of Music. "It's not such a drastic change," Richard laughs. "From hi-fibre to hi-fi."

Richard is an explorer. His gift is in finding really good things - good food, good books, good ideas, good music... good audio equipment called DIVA.

Richard is also an evangelist, one who shares the things he believes in and loves.
He finds DIVA to be truly excellent and T S Lim to be a true master of music and hifi. He loves to share this wonderful discovery with you.


Diva Blue Sky

EL34 Power Amp
50W per channel

Diva Pre-amp

Gain: 22.5dB
Classic 100 / 100 Pro
- single tube design

Classic 200 /200 Pro
- two tube design

Diva 211 power

16W Power Amp

Diva Virtuoso

Phono Amplifier
Comes in 2 versions
for MM / MC
MM Range : 1.8mV - 10mV
MC Range : 0.1mV - 0.3mV



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