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New Article: What is Musicality?

on HGP speakers!

Also Read about how Richard discovers HGP!

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Qi Cones are a new brand of isolation cones developed and made in
Singapore. They are designed by audiophile Go Yong Kung, who also offers
hifi set up services.

One unique feature of Qi Cones is that different types of cones are developed for different equipment. Qi Cones for loudspeakers are made solely from wood, and they are very different from Qi Cones for electronics, which are made from wood and crystal. Moreover, different crystals are used for CDs & DACs, turntables, preamps, power amps and even power supplies.

Qi Cones for loudspeakers are now on sale at The Soul of Music. Qi Cones
for other electronics will be available later.

The much talked about TS Lim's version of the modified Marantz cd63 is finally on demo at The Soul of Music.

You may wish to bring along other cd players - the Sony SACD perhaps?? - for a comparison.

The point is not which player is "better" or even "best". But it is remarkable what a little modification can do to a budget player like the Marantz 63 !

Rest of the set up will be:

  • * DIVA M-7 preamp, now with high gain / low gain switch so that it    can be used with either high sensitivity or low sensitivity speakers.
    * DIVA 300B push pull, 18W, using KR tubes
    * ReTHM lowther horn loudspeakers, supported by new "Qi Cones".


   R e t h m

Read about the ReTHM Experience!


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